Miro Bzduch

Auckland, NZ

UI Developer UX Consultant

About me

My name is Miro Bzduch and I help digital agencies and tech startups build scalable user interfaces using front-end development technologies.

  • Miro Bzduch, UI developer & UX consultant
  • Education
    Bachelor of Information Technology
    Master of Arts in Interactive and Digital Media
  • Experience
    Digital Agencies in Sydney, Wellington,
    San Francisco and Auckland

I have always loved technology. As a teenager I built websites for friends, family and random things that interested me. In my early 20s I spent days designing user interfaces. Later on I started to get more into user experience and enjoyed the challenges of technically complex projects.

Writing pixel perfect code has been one of my strongest passions. I believe that you cannot do it well without a sense of curiosity and willingness to explore. There's always something exciting about figuring out the very best approach to a simple problem.

Over the years I have enjoyed bridging the gap between design and code. The reason why I got into development in the first place was my love for attention to detail and the appreciation I have to translate every pixel into code with 100% accuracy.

From a designer I became a UI developer and learnt a huge amount of knowledge about user experience.

These days I focus on large-scale projects from UI and UX perspective. I love taking a project from concept to reality.

Check out my LinkedIn profile for more info. If you'd like to discuss your current project or ask some questions, you can email me at miro@gloamine.com or call (027) 450 5720. Thanks for stopping by!

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